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TetraTec Gravel Cleaner (GC40)

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Over time, dirt will accumulate in aquarium gravel and sand, potentially leading to pollution of the environment. In order to keep fish healthy, it is important to keep the substrate reasonably free from dirt, and the easiest way to do this is with a TetraTec GC gravel cleaner. Rather than having to take the gravel out of the aquarium, the GC allows you to suck up dirt during the course of a normal water change, or as a separate procedure.


  • Automatic start - no need to suck water up pipe,
  • Strainer to prevent large particles blocking pipe, and to protect fish,
  • Triangular suction pipe for accessing corners and other awkward areas
  • GC 30 = 20-60 litres
  • GC 40 = 50-200 litres
  • GC 50 = 50-400 litres

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