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Tetra Pleco Wafer Mix Trio Deal

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Tetra Pleco Wafer Mix (10g) - NORMALLY £1.99 EACH

BUY 3 FOR £4.50!!



Tetra Wafer Mix is a nutritionally balanced premium food that has been specifically designed for bottom feeding fish and crustaceans. The 10g tub of food contains Spirulina algae for herbivorous fish and brown wafers for carnivorous fish.

Tetra Wafer Mix contain solid wafers which produce less waste than other fish feeds and will not cloud the water, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of your aquarium without the added concern of extra cleaning requirements after feeding time.

Tetra Wafer Mix also promote natural feeding behavior among aquatic fish and contain shrimps for additional taste and healthy growth.

At a Glance:

Size: 10g

Specifically developed for both herbivorous and carnivorous bottom feeding fish as well as crustaceans

Contains Spirulina algae for herbivorous fish

Contains brown wafers with shrimp for carnivorous fish

Solid wafers - produce less waste

Will not cloud the water, reducing cleaning requirements

Promotes natural feeding behavior among fish

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