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Staff Tank Profile: Stuart Wilson

20 June 2014

To have an amazing planted tank doesn't always mean having a huge aquarium, and spending an extraordinary amount of time and money! We interviewed Stuart about his experience, and asked him what he has learned, and what tips he would share.

Stuart Wilson

What tank have you got? 
Fluval Edge 46L

Why did you get into fish keeping?
I have always had an interest in keeping animals. From birds and cats, to lizards and snakes. I've always had a passion for fish keeping, and have studied  Aquatics & Ornamental Fish Management at Sparsholt College in England.

What are some of the fish/plants have you got?
I have a pair of German Blue Rams, some cardinals, some cherry shrimp, galaxy rasbora and a Siamese Fighter. For plants, I have Nymphoides sp. Taiwan, Red Ludwigia, and Hairgrass to name a few. The livestock, and plants I have bought in store.

How much time per week do you spend on your aquarium?
Honestly, about 15 minutes per week, in terms of water changes, feeding, and cleaning. You'd be surprised how much maintenance is taken care of in a good regular water change!

What’s the best thing about fish keeping?
It's very aesthetically pleasing! For a while it can mean a bit of impatience watching everything grow and mature, but once everything begins to flourish it really is beautiful. I also find it incredibly relaxing!

What piece of advice would you give to someone interested in starting out?
Firstly, you need patience! Nothing ever looks the way you want it straight away, however, once things start to grow, and fish start to colour up, it is incredibly satisfying. The temptation to change things around all the time can leave you with issues, but as a natural process, having patience really pays off! As well as this, it isn't as hard as it looks, with some helpful advice, anyone can have a lovely planted home aquarium.

What 3 product/s could you not do without? (Click Photos For Product Info)

Seachem Purigen - Great for crystal clear water. EasyLife EasyCarbo - A must have for planted aquariums.

Algarde Scraper & Planter - This really is the No.1 Tool for all aquascapers!





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