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Republic Of Ireland: Co. Wexford

There's nothing more exciting than being part of an aquarium design and installation from the very beginning. This job was a delight to be a part of, with some stunning results!

Republic Of Ireland: Co. Wexford 5

We first met with this client at the Dublin Self Build show, and started as many of our bespoke designs do - with an idea. A lovely couple appeared at our stand with some preliminary drawings of their dream home in the heart of the Wexford country-side, and a site visit soon followed. The ‘house’ was, at this point, block work that was at waste height, although the builder was more than happy to facilitate design input at this stage.

Planning went incredibly smoothly with many e-mails and phone calls back and forward to the client and builder to ensure the process was as pain free as possible. The aquarium was to be situated in the main entrance hall with a view ‘window’ into the client’s study area. It was a really interesting concept, and one which we relished planning, and designing.

Each bespoke design and installation, has it’s own ‘bespoke’ challenges to our design team, and installation was preceded by an incredible amount of detailed planning and various scenarios. This job had one such challenge!

At the last moment one of the installation crew had to pull out of the job, and Gary, a staff member who’d only been with us a couple of weeks had to step in and learn pretty fast - and we must say did an amazing job!!

The onsite joiners were fantastic, and really finished off the external elements to a high standard. We were able to stock the aquarium on the day of the installation, employing a few secret techniques to ensure the livestock had a seamless transition to the aquarium from our quarantine facility.

As with all our installations, we are there every step of the journey, even after installation. We kept in close contact with the client to ensure the aquarium remained stable in the weeks and months that followed, and were able to offer advice and information at each stage.

We designed this aquarium to include a semi automated maintenance system, reducing the required maintenance time required by an aquarium of this size by 75%, with a commitment from us to periodically visit and deep clean the filtration system.

Overall, this was a great project to be a part of. The client had never kept an aquarium before, and was set on the idea of visually stunning feature in their home, a perfect fusion of art and nature - and was extremely pleased with the result!


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