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Republic Of Ireland: Co. Louth

The most exciting part of being involved in an aquarium design project is seeing it develop from sketch, to computerised design, to completion. This blog displays this wonderful kitchen scene from design to delivery!

We often get enquiries for aquariums, and part of the fun is being part of the journey from start to finish. Some of our most exciting jobs are those that are a bit outside of the box. Our desire, especially in today's society is to provide excellent design, energy efficient, and also enables ease of maintenance.

Our Design Team provided wonderful drawings around the concept of allowing the client to create a 'window' from a kitchen to playroom, and providing something visually stunning that was truly unique.

In the gallery you can see how the process took place, from drawings completed by the design team, over to the production team, who make the design a reality. One of the central pieces in the aquarium was a wonderfully sculpted arch way, that, coupled with the LED lighting, provides an incredibly 'cool' look - which fit in perfectly with the decor of the home.

Each of our bespoke designs are developed with our unique maintenance system, which semi-automates all aspects of water changing, and cleaning, providing as much assistance as possible, and limiting the challenge to maintain the aquarium - giving amazing peace of mind to our client. Many of our clients also choose sign up for our maintenance packages which takes the hassle out of ensuring that their aquarium is kept to the standard that they expect.