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Product Review: Aqua One Betta Trio

16 June 2014

We take a look at one of the latest aquariums from Aqua One, with a unique style that is incredibly diverse.

The Aqua One Betta Trio tank allows up to three Bettas to be kept in one water body, and have created a lot of buzz since we began to stock them.

Aqua One have described these tanks as, one aquarium, three different worlds, as the three compartments allow for three different aquascapes, or even fish species.

We included this aquarium into our Father's Day @ Forestside promotion, and there was an incredible amount of buzz for the possibilities in this aquarium. At 32L it's small enough for a starter aquarium, but large enough to keep an interest with possible fish. It comes with LED lighting with a lovely warm tone, a nano heater, and an incredible amount of filtration space!

Our set up includes a planted section, an ethereal white scape, and a river scene, and houses a Siamese fighter, some Cherry Shrimp, and some Harlequin Rasbora. This is a versatile aquarium with plenty of options to keep you interested, and enabling the redesign of your tank without having to overhaul the whole thing! 

We have had a lot of fun with the Betta Trio, and we would highly recommend it, especially at our launch price of £119.99!

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Where can I purchase Aqua One Betta Trio in the USA?
J Patrick Aaron

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