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On The Road: Touch Tank Forestside

22 May 2014

Over Easter we went on the road to Forestside Shopping Centre with our newly designed mini-Touch Tank - and it was amazing!!

A few months ago we had a bit of a brainstorm, and we'd a fantastic suggestion from one of our staff members. How could we go about taking some of what we do on the road to the public.

We kicked around a few suggestions, but one stood above the rest - could we design, build, and travel with a mini-marine touch tank. Obviously, there are a lot of things to consider, but we were greatly excited about the idea.

We partnered with Forestside Shopping Centre and their Easter Fun Days to launch our touch tank and it was an amazing experience! The tank was on the Mall between 12-3pm, and was manned by our Director, James Black. It was great to see the interaction and interest from people of all ages, especially kids who loved to get their hands wet with some of our little marine critters.

Have a look at our gallery of pictures for the day, and keep posted on our website, and on social media for when we'll be on the road with our mini-touch tank in the future!



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