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Northern Ireland: Co. Tyrone

This aquarium was a real journey! From Canada to Belfast there were many elements of this aquarium that were a challenge, yet an enjoyable one with a stunning finished product!

Co. Tyrone

This aquarium design project started as many do, with a late night conversation about how to create a jaw dropping home aquarium to really catch the eye! The client was building a new home, and had the idea of building an aquarium into the wall between his entrance hall and main living room. The clients project manager was in contact with us, and there followed a site visit to develop the plan.

The main brief from the client was that the aquarium could be seen from three rooms, and that there would be a stunning design of colourful tropical fish. With no fish keeping experience, the client wanted limited involvement aside from the theme, but had a very clear vision of creating a stunning home aquarium.

So…we went to work!

We gathered in the design drawings, and liaised with the project manager to get specifications, space for filtration, and aquarium lighting options. This was the first aquarium that we had specifically used a controlled LED lighting system to provide a ‘sunlight shimmer’ effect within the aquarium. Rather than develop a standard aquascape, we utilised Aquaroche to incorporate something bespoke for the aquarium. The pieces commissioned would give it an incredible edge.

Once the aquarium was in place, thanks in part to the 10 builders that had to help us lift it, we were given 5 weeks to complete the installation along with the building team.

Due to our exclusive relationship with Aquaroche, they were able to shorten their lead time on the hand sculpted pieces, and finished them in an incredible time frame! What this meant was a unique aquascape, a superb aquarium, weaved into the fabric of a home, fully visible in three separate rooms. The aquarium was then to be encased in solid oak to give a touch of class to the finished product.

Today we continue to provide a full maintenance service to our client, calling every two weeks to provide essential water changes and monitoring of the aquarium. As well as this we do a full heath check on the fish, leaving the client to enjoy and relax in front of his bespoke aquarium designed by Exotic Aquatics.