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Help! I'm Going On Holiday!

18 June 2015

Going on holiday should be a stress free time, have a look at our helpful guide to give you peace of mind on leaving your beloved aquarium!

One of the most nerve-wracking times of the year for a fish keeper is holiday time! Between when to do water changes, how to test your water, and also getting someone trustworthy enough not to tip in half a bucket of fish food in your tank, are some of the biggest challenges.

We also have a FREE 'Handy Holiday Guide' to leave information for your friends in the 'Docs' section.

We’ve given a couple of things to think about and a few suggestions to help you along…

Having a friend to check in and feed your fish depends on how long you will be away for. However, having a guide for the designated person will go a long way to helping them. Should your feeding routine include flake, pellets, frozen food, then you may flummox a person, and your fish will either have a feast or a famine. And, the risk of adding too much will affect the chemical levels of your water.

Some people prefer holiday blocks, which slowly release food in your aquarium. Do remember, that this can also cause issues should it not be eaten. Should you not be able to get someone, the fantastic Eheim AutoFeeder will take care of the feeding for you, which will mean sitting by the pool relaxing in the knowledge that your pride and joy aren’t going hungry!

Click the links for info:


If you have high tech LED’s, this may not be an issue, as they are easily programmable. The easiest solution is to get an automatic switch timer to turn your lights on and off while you’re away.

One of the biggest no-no’s is to do tank maintenance the day before you go. The idea is to make sure that nothing goes wrong when you are away. The biggest problem is that more often than not, routine maintenance can cause issues that you will not be present to deal with. Cleaning filtration equipment, syphoning gravel, changing media can all cause spikes, and stress fish. It is a good idea to do this maintenance around a week before you go, this way, should anything crop up, you can deal with it before you hit the runway.

Maybe the best way to insure that your aquarium is well cared for is to get the pros in. We have a 'Fish Sitting' service, and can call in, keep an eye on things, and give you complete peace of mind while you are soaking in the sun.

To keep your water levels in check while you are away, why not try adding Algone to your aquarium.


Get The Pros

To find out more: http://www.exoticaquatics.co.uk/maintenance-services


 If you have any other tips, please share them in the comments section below…

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